The History of Boston TV

Both started casting for the series in Boston early a year ago, watching around 120-140 celebrities from the region.

"It was a fascinating process because we had to construct the cast in ways to ensure it was believable that they had been buddies,"

States DePaola, executive and supervising producer of 617. "This was an extremely lengthy procedure." Born and filmed in Boston, the show follows six twenty-somethings throughout their shenanigans across the Hub.


According to their site:

It has been almost 20 years since Cheers went off the air, and in the previous two decades, television has to exude the Boston soul quite as the place where everyone knows your name. As a result of a different TV series aptly called 617 following Boston's area code, that long-lost Beantown pride might be fast returning though. Regardless of the financing setback, creation for second installment is set to the end of February and will be live mid-March, together with four episodes intended for its very first year. "My number one expect is the fact that it remains in Boston," states DePaola of this 17-person Boston-based cast and crew.


Media and entertainment

"I'd really like to view Massachusetts come together to raise the local market and boost local organization, and using media and entertainment is a terrific means to do that." Indefinitely, that is still up for discussion.

Character "Sully"

And of course, there is a character called "Sully," that is only so Southie I can not even manage it.

The series

In general, the series is a bit cuter and a lot somewhat nostalgic for my taste, however in the close of the afternoon, I am rooting for them due to the immense quantity of Boston pride that went into this creation. "Yes, certainly," states DePaola. "We have gotten plenty of positive comments from New York.

Boston unfriendly town

Boston has viewed as an unfriendly town, also outsiders joke about our civilization and how New England can shut itself off from the rest of the nation. 617 reveals there's yet another side to us" Together with the arrival of Apple TV, Google TV and websites like Hulu always investing in web-only show, DePaola and Shannon determined 617 are best-suited to the burgeoning online TV marketplace. They filmed the 25-minute pilot incident in the summer of 2011 and also the very first episode premiered on December 12, 2011, garnering 14,000 viewpoints thus far from Boston to Paris into CaiThe team immediately realized they had to set a complete media enterprise to make buzz and get people to really see the show once string was prepared.

Other issues

Spoof podcasts

The cast did a collection of spoof podcasts, videos and competitive social networking campaigns for people discussing the collection. However, DePaola and Shannon pictured more for their partnership, so they started a12,000 Kickstarter effort to assist fund a social networking effort to induce the next episode.

Series about Boston

She set an advertisement for her series on and neighborhood manufacturer Amy DePaola chose to jump on board. However, will a series about Boston that does not entail bank robberies and Bulger-like mobsters revolve nationwide? "We do not have enough time to promote it and it costs a great deal of cash to employ somebody," DePaola states.


Kicktstarter was a means to attract attention to ourselves. We had been completely funded for the next installment, but the overhead for societal media advertising is30,000-- $40,000, which was Kickstarter could help." That hometown pride contrasts on-screen, also.

The series

Very similar to the way Sex and the City and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia use their urban configurations, Boston is positioned as an extra character in the series. Three weeks afterwards, they discovered that their six friends, and with a stroke of luck (and good relations), they snagged George "Slaine" Carroll, a Boston-native famous for finest known for his roles in City and Gone Baby Gone, to play Kevin, a bartender at the show, along with also the all-Boston throw was solidified. "It remained true to what Katie and I wished to do -- produce a local manufacturing with local gift and a local team," states DePaola. However, the Kickstarter went and came before this week, and they were roughly $11,000 short of the objective. DePaola stays optimistic, however. "Now the Kickstarter is completed, we are going to step away from crowd-funding. It is that sort of social networking exposure that 617 expects to gain to be able to draw attention from local shareholders.